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Corporate governance

In Mexico, the operation rules for the oil industry changed from the approval of the constitutional reform on energy matters and the promulgation of new laws that modernize and give rise to novel ways for operation and investment in the hydrocarbons chain of value.

In this scenario, the organizational and operational structure of Petróleos Mexicanos was also modified to give way to an agile, efficient and profitable State Productive Enterprise.

Without losing its innate social orientation, Pemex now has legal tools that allow it to apply business criteria for operation, profitability and competitiveness, since the same legal framework encourages the participation of private capitals in activities that were formerly exclusive to the Mexican State.

With the energy reform, the control of the nation on the property of oil is preserved; and by allowing the participation of new investors in exploration, production, transport, storage, refining, petrochemical and marketing activities, the national oil industry is strengthened, with the consequent social, economic and industrial benefits for the country.

The transformation of Pemex includes the redesigning of the tax treatment, allows making the business and strategic decisions that are deemed feasible and favorable, as well as designing its activities according to the variables of the national and international oil market.

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