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What is the means to have the first business contact with Pemex?

Petroleos Mexicanos implemented an initiative for providers support as part of the centralization of the procurement process. The aim is to ensure the provider that their application for support will be satisfied and channeled into Pemex to identify/motivate business opportunities.

This initiative is called: Pemex PASS which means Punto de Acceso al Sistema de Suministro or in English Point of Access to Supply System.

The e-mail address to start that contact is

What is Pemex PASS?

It is the mechanism through which the offer is linked to the demand to obtain the best integral procurement solutions with a vision of mutual benefit.

What is the purpose of Pemex PASS?

  • To link the supply of goods, services and public works with the demand, creating value.
  • To standardize, streamline, simplify and modernize the process of bringing suppliers and contractors to Pemex, with a view to mutually beneficial relationships, added value and long-term; and
  • To identify business opportunities or strategic alliances, through the relationship with suppliers and contractors.

Who should I contact to present my products and/or services?

To the Development and Relationship Branch with Suppliers and Contractors, of the Corporate Direction for Procurement and Supply.

To provide a better service, we invite you to contact us via the email address from which we can follow up on your request and send information we believe will be helpful.

How can I be a supplier or contractor for Pemex?

For the purchasing areas of Pemex to have visibility of your company and its range of goods/services/work, you need to register online:


Is it compulsory to register?

Registration is not required for participation in open competitions. Nonetheless, all suppliers and contractors who subscribe or have a contract with Pemex, must have their registration in the registration and evaluation system of suppliers and contractors.

Why is it important to register?

The registration is indispensable to better understanding our suppliers and contractors, and to encourage long-term relationships that ensure procurement and supply chain that is reliable, transparent and efficient.

Why is it necessary to pay an annual fee for the extended register?

The annual fee covers the costs for conducting the review, validation, updating and managing of the provided information and documentation, and is calculated based on the offered products and services.

How often should I renew or update my registration as a supplier?

Registration must be renewed at least once a year and updated based on upgrading campaigns or voluntarily whenever there is a change in the information originally provided. Likewise, the update will depend on when a buyer area requests recent information or ac change in the registration level of the supplier or contractor.

What is the role of Achilles in the registration process?

Achilles is a company hired by Pemex to perform validation and management of information from suppliers and contractors. Specializing in managing suppliers and contractors, Achilles works as a neutral third party, providing reliability and transparency in the information of suppliers and contractors.

How I can participate in the process of contracting goods and services of Pemex?

Consult the calls and bidding procedures for procurement contracts, leases, works and services in Pemex Procurement International, Inc, where it is described, in detail, the requirements you must meet to participate in the bidding of your interest.
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