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Investment Information

Capital and Operating Expenditures

Billion U.S. dollars

Note: Includes upstream maintenance expenditures. PEMEX´s investment records are in pesos. Figures have been converted at the following average historical exchange rates: MXN 12.4291/USD for 2011, MXN 13.1649/USD for 2012, MXN 12.7677/USD for 2013, MXN 13.2973/USD for 2014, MXN 15.8485/USD for 2015, MXN 15.90/USD for 2016, MXN 18.20/USD for 2017 and an exchange rate of MXN 18.40/USD is used for 2018.

2018 Investment by line of business

100% = 10.81 billion U.S. dollars

Note: Other includes Fertilizers, Ethylene, Cogeneration, Perforation, Logistics and Corporate.

Capital expenditures are undertaken by Petróleos Mexicanos and its subsidiary entities.

Capital expenditures and operating expense must be authorized in the budget of Petróleos Mexicanos, which is approved by the Mexican Congress.

The exchange rate used (Pesos per USD) is the one approved by the Mexican Congress for 2017 which you may find it in our Guidance section.

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