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Pemex Strengthens its Relationship with its Suppliers Through Programs that Promote Transparency, Certainty and Competence

  • The State-owned productive company will make purchases and hire services for 90 billion pesos this year, and 84% of these will be assigned during open tenders
  • Transparent bidding processes created savings for almost 25 billion pesos in 2017
Villahermosa, Tabasco. – With the purpose of strengthening its relationship with suppliers through a new hiring model that is focused on planning and benefits transparency, certainty and competence, Petróleos Mexicanos held “Supplier Day” in the city of Villahermosa.
During the inauguration of the event, the Operational Director of Procurement and Supply of Petróleos Mexicanos, Miguel Ángel Servín Diago, stated that Pemex is the main buyer in Mexico. Only last year, the company made purchases and hired services for over 90 billion pesos, representing investments that reactivate the economy of oil production states.
He pointed out that Pemex held this event with the goal of promoting a new relationship and open dialogue with the company’s suppliers in mind. This has yielded positive results, as three years ago, 80 per cent of the contracts were assigned through direct adjudication, and now this percentage has been reversed. Currently, 84 per cent of contracts stem from open tenders.
This, Servín Diago stated, generated almost 25 billion pesos in savings for the company in 2017. Using a new model that adheres to the best international business practices, transparency is guaranteed while simultaneously strengthening the relationship with entrepreneurs of the business sector.
Pemex also created the Corporate Advisory Committee, which is comprised by seven organizations of the private sector, for the purpose of strengthening business relationships and working jointly towards the economic reactivation of the regions where oil production activities are being carried out.
The Operational Director of Procurement and Supply of Petróleos Mexicanos also informed that the Integrated Supplier and Contractor Information Tool was updated, and that the number of companies registered in the system increased by 67 per cent in 2017. The Integrated Electronic Contract System was also developed, which hosted 1,800 contracting processes during the year.
Throughout the working session, senior officials of Pemex Exploración y Producción (Exploration and Production), Transformación Industrial (Industrial Transformation), Logística (Logistics), and Procura (Procurement) gave four keynote speeches. Panel discussions were also held, where local suppliers learned about the business opportunities available to them, so they could plan their future involvement in the various processes.
By holding “Supplier Day”, Petróleos Mexicanos” reaffirms its commitment towards service and supply companies, to join efforts that will create investments and jobs, as well as to strengthen the domestic market and to contribute to the country’s economic development. Over 200 companies attended the event.
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