Information making up the Report

Pemex’s Business Plan

The Business Plan is the tool that defines the company’s course, with a vision focused on attaining long-term operational and financial sustainability. In this context, Petróleos Mexicanos prepares its Social Responsibility Report with the strategic goals objective of guaranteeing safe, reliable, profitable and sustainable operations as the central point of study.


Citizen Participation Group (GPC)

The members of the GPC are professionals who enjoy nationwide recognition, whose involvement in the Report reparation process is a key factor to report accurate, objective and useful information for the company’s diverse stakeholders.


In the exercise of transparency and account rendering, Pemex has consolidated the integration of the Citizen Participation Group (GPC) through the collaboration of various external actors in the definition and establishment of issues of importance for the company’s stakeholders, by means of interviews and specific questions aimed at various internal areas.


Sector analysis based on Sustainable Asset Management (SAM) methodology

By the end of 2009, as part of the voluntary exercise of identifying opportunity areas, Pemex was assessed through the Sustainable Assets Management (SAM) methodology, and it obtained a rating of 53 points in the triple base line (environmental, social and economic).


For 2010 and in order to present the company’s performance in the most important topics of the oil and gas sector, the analysis was repeated with the SAM methodology. The results are shown in the full version of the IRS 2010.