Sustainable Asset Management (SAM)

Pemex comparative performance in terms of sustainability components from the Sustainable Asset Management (SAM) methodology, deployed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI)


In order to have a reference concerning the company’s performance in terms of sustainable development, Petróleos Mexicanos participates voluntarily in a benchmark based on the SAM methodology which originates the DJSI World Comparative, a Dow Jones Global Index selection, and distinguishes 10% of the best scored companies through an annual questionnaire assessed by Sustainable Asset Management (SAM).


Regarding this, Pemex was evaluated in 2009 with the methodology, resulting in a sector-comparison analysis, in which criteria on economic, environmental and social matters were considered. Public information from the company, information gathered while responding the SAM questionnaire and analysis of information coherence between these and media news reported about the company were used.


Review of the 2010 company’s evaluation appears to detail in the Social Responsibility Report 2010, available at


Main aspects by each dimension of the 2010 evaluation

Economic performance:

Strengths: transparency, customer relationship management, risk and crisis management, code of conduct/anticorruption.

Opportunity areas: gas portfolio, exploration & production.


Environmental performance:

Strengths: management of the environmental system, environmental reporting, biodiversity.

Opportunity areas: operational eco-efficiency and further advance in implementation of climate change strategies.


Social performance:

Strengths: social reporting, social impacts on communities, health and safety at workplace.

Opportunity areas: human capital development, talent attraction & retention, labour practices, standards for suppliers.