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Pemex in brief

We are the most important company in Mexico, the largest tax contributor to the Mexican government, and one of the largest in Latin America.

In context

18th In proven crude oil reserves, as country (2018 -January-)

39th In proven reserves of natural gas, as country (2018 -January-)

12th Producer of crude oil in the world, as country (2017)

16th In natural gas production, as country (2017)

14th In primary distillation capacity (2016)

For further information:
2017 Statistical Yearbook (Information available only in Spanish)

Value Chain





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Our business


Development of Hydrocarbons
(Mbpced) 2,412

Prod. of dry gas from plants (Does not include dry gas produced and used as fuel)
(MMpcd) 2,241

Prod. of natural gas fluids
(Mbd) 225

Prod. of oil products (included GLP)
(Mbd) 547

Prod. of Petrochemicals
(Mt) 657

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During 2016:

We reduced our Greenhouse Gas Emissions by3% as compared to 2010

We channeled one billion, 649.2 million ppesos into social investment projects

We launched 51,495 healthcare promotion actions through our Mobile Medical Unit

For more information:
Sustainability Report 2016 (Information available only in Spanish)