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​Social services and professional practices

In order to meet the needs of new generations and in solidarity with the Federal Government programs, Pemex offers the possibility to carry out social services and professional practices with the aim of assisting in the growth of new professionals and graduates of different branches, disciplines and specialties.
These programs seek:
  • That the participant develops awareness of solidarity and commitment with society he/she lives on.
  • To transform the participation on the social services and professional practices programs into a true act of reciprocity with society, through the public sector plans and programs.
  • To contribute with the academic background and professional training of participants in social services and professional practices.
The provision of social service is a set of activities that the professional or technical level student should be made by law, for the benefit of society, providing expertise, time and work in a productive area or service in the public, social and private sectors.
The provision of professional practices are activities related to a specialty or field that the student performs on a trial basis, to reinforce their theoretical knowledge, in compliance with the academic load of practice hours, planned in his/her career.
Benefits for students
  • Gaining experience of the professional life inside the public sector.
  • Gaining practical, technical and management knowledge in the Oil Industry.
  • Knowing the culture of organization.
  • The opportunity to bring new approaches to the company in a cooperative environment.


Contribute to the academic and professional development of students and graduates for their future integration into the labor market.

Legal and regulatory framework

  • Political Constitution of the United Mexican States (Article 5).
  • Regulatory Law of Article 5 of the Constitution regarding professional practice in the Federal District.
  • Regulation of the Regulatory Law of Article 5 of the Constitution regarding the exercise of professions in the Federal District.
  • Regulation of the Regulatory Law of Article 5 of the Constitution regarding the exercise of professions in the Federal District.
  • Expenditure Budget of the Federation for the corresponding Fiscal Year.


Official covering letter from the educational institution signed in original and sealed, addressed to:

Eng. Jorge Álvaro Salazar Vidal
Unit Chief of Personnel Management
Sub-Directorate of Human Resources and Labor Relations
Corporate Directorate of Management
Petróleos Mexicanos

  • Indicating taken credits (70% minimum) *
  • Original Academic Record (with grade average) *
  • Minimal number of hours to cover, 480 in 6 months (Social Service) *
  • Commitment Letter to perform Social Service (for students of IPN or incorporated schools) *
  • Social Service Card (for students of UNAM or incorporated schools) *
  • Number of hours to cover, requested by the educational institution (for Professional Practices) *
  • An identification card photo (with name on the back)
  • Birth Certificate (copy)
  • Proof of residency (copy)
  • CURP (copy)
  • 1 beige letter size folder with a 3/4 tab
  • The application for participation in Petróleos Mexicanos form must be filled out by typewriter or computer.
  • Sign of conformity the Internal Regulations (this will be delivered at the Social Service and Professional Practices Coordination)

Submission of documentation

C. Claudia Miriam Rivera Minaya
Social Services and Professional Practices Coordinator
Bahía de Ballenas No. 5, Edificio "D" piso 8. 
Col. Verónica Anzures, C. P. 11300
Monday thru Friday 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Hours of Service:
Monday thru Friday between 08:30 a.m. and 06:00 p.m. with 4 daily hours maximum

Bahía de Ballenas No. 5, Edificio "D" piso 8.
Col. Verónica Anzures, C. P. 11300
Del. Miguel Hidalgo, México D. F.
Tel. 1944 2500 Exts. 32218, 32219 and 32227
Monday thru Friday 10:00 a.m. to 01:00 p.m.

Note: The financial contributions are not mandatory and are based on budget availability, to minimum grade average of 8 and to the student's performance.  To enter the facility, people over 18 must present an official identification; underage must present a current school credential.
It is not allowed to access with computer equipment, cameras, hats and shorts.
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