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Work at Pemex

Pemex and its Subsidiary Productive Companies will disclose the search for suitable candidates based on their needs only on this page.

The Company does not post job offers using any other person or medium other than this.

Do not let yourself be fooled!

The purchase and sale of tokens or jobs in Pemex and its SPCs is a crime, as is paying, in cash or in kind, to be included in the recruitment process.

In Pemex, strengthening our human capital is a priority, therefore we are interested in identifying the most competitive professionals of the Industry, who may want to further their development in a highly competitive and versatile sector.

Our job board contributes to the selection of prospective professional candidates in the various fields or specialties and to their participation in the recruitment process.

The job board registration is valid throughout the Mexican Republic and you can register yourself, online and free of charge, at:
To see available postings, click here.  (please, insert an icon that refers to job openings) and follow the link

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