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Pipeline carriage

In Mexico, Pemex, supplies, among others, two of the energy products most used in the world: natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas (LP gas). These products are carried and distributed through underground pipelines, which operate without any interruptions 24 hours a day, the 365 days of the year. Thanks to the carriage systems it is possible to have access to natural and liquefied gas in a safe and economic manner in the whole country.

The use of this carriage mode has been expanded in the world due to its low operational costs, high safety index, superior to any other carriage means, more strict environmental protection standards, as well as the increasing energy demand.

From 1995, multiple reforms were made to the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States, which allowed the participation of private investment in the natural gas sector. As a consequence, in this field, Pemex is not a monopoly in the gas market but openly participates with competitors.

Today, Pemex carries natural gas for big consumers, as well as at the entrance of cities, while distribution inside them, in most cases, is under the responsibility of private companies. The Energy Regulating Commission (CRE) has granted distribution permits in diverse geographical areas of the country to companies that have their own gas pipelines.

Pemex successfully faces the challenge of commercial opening and is prepared to compete with international companies by offering the best on safety, maintenance and operation matters in each of its pipeline carriage systems.
Last Modified 26/03/2015 17:24