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Market viability

Due Diligence is the process of verifying information from third parties with whom the Company has or intends to enter into any type of business agreement, to learn about their integrity and ethics policies, related corruption risks, as well as the measures to be adopted to prevent and mitigate those risks.
As a result, Pemex and its subsidiaries have the following objectives:

  • a) Strengthen its commercial relations;
  • b) Build trust and be recognized as companies that are transparent, reliable and honest, whose operations are subject to periodic controls and supervision processes aimed at identifying and preventing operations with third parties involved in crimes such as money laundering, terrorism, drug trafficking, corruption and bribery, among others;
  • c) Promote the adoption of best practices and incorporate ethical and integrity standards, with the aim of building ethical chains; and
  • d) Promote a culture of risk prevention that enables compliance with applicable legal and administrative provisions.

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