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Open Government

An Open Government is defined by proactive transparency practices, citizen participation in the decision-making process of the government, generation and extensive use of open data, as well as the use of new technologies, which are the foundation for establishing a new dynamic in the relationship between the government and the population, which is more democratic and aimed at building sustained and inclusive development.  

As a Productive Company owned by the Mexican State, PEMEX implements Open Government policies at different levels; it proactively generates and makes information available to the public; it develops actions for the generation of Open Databases, and is currently assessing mechanisms for public participation that allow for the identification of information demanded by the Mexican society. 

a) What is an Open Government? 
Based on the 2021-2024 Transparency, Open Government and Open Data Policy of the Federal Public Administration, it is a collective action instrument aimed at making accountability effective, combating corruption and impunity, and improving the quality of government decisions and actions through transparency and citizen involvement in public decisions.

Mechanisms for dialogue and collaboration with the citizens.

Petróleos Mexicanos' commitments in the action plans of the Open Government Partnership.
This State-owned Productive Company has not made any commitment to the Open Government Partnership.

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