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Pemex Makes Progress in Supplying Fuel to Affected States

  • ​The country is not suffering from any fuel shortages
  • Although there have been delays in distribution, there is enough fuel to cover demand
  • The Mexican Government urges the population to report the so-called “huachicoleo” or fuel theft 

By mandate of the Mexican Government, Pemex has made significant progress in restoring fuel distribution, using various alternative supply lines in the affected states. Although there have been delays in distributing the fuel, there is enough to cover demand; the operations that have been implemented will allow distribution and supply to return to normal as soon as possible.

Petróleos Mexicanos will continue to strengthen the prevention measures needed to eradicate fuel theft (locally referred to as “huachicoleo”), and, in the framework of the Government’s Joint Plan, the company will continue to work towards combatting the crime of fuel theft, which directly affects the Mexican population’s patrimony.

The company appeals to the general public’s understanding and support and renews its call to avoid panic buying. Our Storage and Distribution Terminals have enough fuel in stock to cover the demands of the population, and the country is not suffering from shortages or lack of fuel products.

All the measures currently implemented by the Mexican Government under President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s leadership seek to prevent further financial losses for the nation and end corruption. Therefore, it is important for all Mexicans to cooperate and report any criminal activity that may place the economy, integrity and safety of the population at risk.

Fuel theft puts the safety of communities in danger and affects supply to end users, and therefore the support of the general public is crucial in combatting this crime. Help us protect Pemex, as it belongs to all of us, and report fuel theft by calling the toll free number 01800 228 9660, or send an email to​.  Your report will be treated as anonymous and confidential.  

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