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Pemex Takes Part in the 2019 National Quake Drill

  • The oil workers’ community in 309 facilities throughout the country reaffirmed its commitment to strengthen disaster prevention culture
  • Over 7,000 workers from the Pemex Management Center in Mexico City participated in the drill

For the commemoration of the National Civil Protection Day, management and operating personnel at various Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) facilities in the country participated in the 2019 National Quake Drill, which worked with a hypothetic earthquake of 8.6 degrees Richter in magnitude, with an epicenter in the coastline of Oaxaca and Guerrero that would cause an assumed tsunami with a maximum wave height of 12.9 meters.

In Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, over 3,000 workers from nine management and industrial facilities took part in the exercise, while in the Pemex Management Center (acronym in Spanish CAP) in Mexico City, over 7,000 workers of the Executive Tower and other nearby buildings participated in the drill. Emergency Operations Headquarters were set up, and this center reported the drill was completed without incident and in the expected evacuation times.

This year, the 309 Pemex work centers, which include petrochemical complexes, refineries, gas processing centers, storage and dispatch terminals, as well as offshore terminals, pipeline sectors, medical units, child development centers and management offices, activated their alarms sharp at 10:00 hours (CMT) and followed the company’s emergency response plans and protocols, the oil workers’ community mobilized, evacuating its facilities and gathering at the appointed points.

A minute of silence was observed in remembrance of the victims of the earthquakes. The establishment of September 19 as the date to observe the National Civil Protection Day, in the memory of the victims of the tragic earthquakes of 1985 and 2017 highlights the importance of preparedness as the first step towards personal protection.

In Petróleos Mexicanos, safeguarding the security and integrity of its workers is of paramount importance, and drills allow the company to assess the effectiveness of its safety protocols and programs in the facilities, as well as test the operation of alarm systems, firefighting and protection equipment.


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