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Clarification of the Report Filed by Members of Congress Belonging to the Acción Nacional Party

On the 19th of October, the daily newspaper Campeche Hoy published an article titled “The Oropeza Clan”, which referred to alleged nepotistic acts of the Pemex CEO and pointed fingers at 8 employees hired by PEMEX.

​This was cleared up through the press release No. 261 that the persons listed in the article all have a seniority that exceeds that of the CEO himself, who has to date, not yet served 2 years in his position:

tabla com269.PNG 
This makes it clear that the newspaper published falsehoods and baseless speculations in its controversial article.

Today, a group of members of Congress from the Acción Nacional Party (acronym in Spanish: PAN), comprised of Marcela Torres Peimbert, Juan Carlos Romero Hicks, Éctor Jaime Ramírez Barba, among others, have echoed this kind of slander by adding another seven names to the list of alleged nepotistic acts perpetrated by the PEMEX CEO. These individuals, like the ones listed by the newspaper article, have been employed by the company longer than the CEO:

tabla2 com269.PNG
Once again this proves that, because of the dates when they joined PEMEX, they were all hired prior to the current administration; it is impossible to build a nepotism case from these employees.

It must also be pointed out that in 2002, a legislator from the PAN sought to revile engineer Octavio Romero Oropeza, who was then a Senior Government Official for the Government of Mexico City, and was unable, during a debate, to sustain his accusation regarding the alleged 37 family members who were allegedly working for the administration at the time.

It should be noted that there are currently at least 2,006 employees and workers with the surname Romero and 173 with the surname Oropeza in the Pemex database.

In this administration, no family members of the CEO have been hired by the company or have joined PEMEX on his orders; no public resources are being allocated to propaganda and/or marketing purposes, beyond the institutional campaigns authorized by the Mexican Government; and the performance of the CEO’s duties is geared, at all times, towards seeking the well-being of the Mexican people.

Freedom of speech must not be misinterpreted as the freedom to slander by politicians, legislators, and the press.​
Las menciones de Pemex pueden referirse a Petróleos Mexicanos o a cualquiera de sus Empresas Productivas Subsidiarias.
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