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PEMEX Shows Solidarity with Tabasco

  • The company’s CEO orders the delivery of ten Mobile Medical Units and other equipment to aid the victims of the disaster

Villahermosa, Tab. – The CEO of Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX), Octavio Romero Oropeza, placed several suction and transportation units at the disposal of the National Coordination of Civil Protection, as well as ordering six Mobile Medical Units (acronym in Spanish: UMM) that are part of the PEMEX social responsibility actions in other states, to be moved to the state of Tabasco. These units are supporting the four UMM that are already working to aid the victims of the disaster.

Since last Sunday, three of these units have been providing medical service at the municipal seat in Macuspana, located at Ranchería Tierra Adentro Section One, in Jalpa de Méndez and the village of Guaytalpa de Nacajuca.

From Monday, November 9, seven UMM have been instructed to go to: Villa Tamulté de las Sabanas, in the municipality of Centro; the village of Oxolotán, in Tacotalpa; Ejido Novillero, Jalpa de Méndez; Ejido Marín, in Cunduacán; Ranchería León Zárate Primera Sección, in Comalcalco, to the village of Monte Grande, in Jonuta and to Ranchería Anacleto Canabal, in the municipality of Centro. The upcoming locations will be decided in accordance with the orders issued by the National Coordination of Civil Protection and the Government of the State of Tabasco.

Pemex also placed four Vactor units, three transference units and nine pressure and vacuum units at the disposal of disaster relief efforts, in coordination with Civil Protection, the Secretariat of the Navy and the National Water Commission.

Las menciones de Pemex pueden referirse a Petróleos Mexicanos o a cualquiera de sus Empresas Productivas Subsidiarias.
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