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Health Report on PEMEX Patients and Workers Affected by COVID-19

16/11/2020 | 284

​​Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) reports that, of a total population of approximately 750,000 people (comprised of workers, pensioners and their families), to date 27,231 suspected cases of patients with respiratory symptoms have been reported, and a total of 17,800 diagnostic tests have been performed, with 8,404 negative results and 9,396 confirmed cases of Covid-19. Additionally, during this review of suspected cases, we have detected SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in 665 individuals and epidemiological tracing of known associations by methodological examination of 4,333 people, which has allowed us to confirm a total of 14,394 Covid-19 cases by clinical-epidemiological association.

The remaining 4,433 cases are being considered suspected cases with respiratory data that do not fully meet the operating criteria to diagnose Covid-19 and have been found to show minor manifestations.

The methodological examination referred to above has been implemented following an update in the epidemiological surveillance guidelines, which define “cases confirmed by epidemiological association” as any person who meets the operating criteria for suspected cases of a Viral Respiratory Disease without using laboratory samples and who has been in contact with a confirmed case or deceased person within the previous 14 days.

Of the 14,394 confirmed cases of Covid-19:

  • 12,347 patients have improved enough to be discharged, which represents a recovery rate of 85.8%.
  • 278 patients are currently in self-isolation at home.
  • 94 patients are hospitalized in an isolated ward.
  • ​28 patients are in intensive care. To date, 166 of the patients admitted in the intensive care unit have improved enough to be discharged from the hospital and continue receiving treatment at home.

In accordance with the policy of the State-owned productive company, which states that its workers are its most valuable assets, the integrated prevention strategy against the spread of Covid-19 has succeeded in containing the spread of this disease among the workers. Regrettably, to date 356 active workers have passed on, as well as 747 pensioners, 536 family members, and 8 external patients.

Through its campaign titled "PEMEX Closer To You", we have provided healthcare and medical support to pensioners and family members from home. Healthcare professionals keep in touch with their patients remotely, providing healthcare and following up on their conditions using video messaging services.

To date, 17,918 patients have received remote care using videoconference software, and 5,553 of these patients have been found to have respiratory symptoms; 1,207 patients have received prescription support; 4,297 mental health assessments have been made; and 6,861 patients have received care for other conditions.

PEMEX hereby acknowledges the responsibility, discipline and solidarity of the oil workers’ community during this pandemic, especially the medical staff working for Pemex Healthcare Services, for their outstanding work in looking after the company’s greatest asset: its workers and their families. 

Mentions of Pemex may refer to Petróleos Mexicanos or any of its Subsidiary Productive Companies.
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