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PEMEX Reports a New Release from Hospital

  • ​​​​​52 patients are under comprehensive medical care
  • 29 patients have been released to date

Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) reports that to date, 52 patients affected by the administration of contaminated Heparin Sodium from batch C18E881 with expiration date in January 2021 at the Regional Hospital in Villahermosa. De ellos, 29 patients were released because their clinical conditions improved. The medical attention being provided is distributed as follows:

o 35 patients are receiving daily outpatient care, and their condition is not in jeopardy. One more patient’s health has improved enough to be released from hospital;

o 17 patients are still hospitalized. 15 of them are being treated at the Internal Medicine ward and reported as stable, and 2 are in the intensive care unit, undergoing continuous renal replacement therapy.

PEMEX is fully committed to its workers’ healthcare and well-being, and completely guarantees hemodialysis treatments to patients at its hospitals and reaffirms its responsibility to protect, guarantee, respect and promote the rights of the oil workers’ community.

Las menciones de Pemex pueden referirse a Petróleos Mexicanos o a cualquiera de sus Empresas Productivas Subsidiarias.
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