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PEMEX CEO presents vehicles and equipment to bolster fire departments

  • ​​The purpose is to strengthen the capacity of fire departments and improve integrated fire risk management in the municipalities benefiting from the project
  • Petróleos Mexicanos has once again become an asset that serves Mexico for the benefit of the less fortunate

For the 84th anniversary of the creation of this institution, the CEO of Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX), Mr. Octavio Romero Oropeza, presented specialized vehicles and equipment to the municipal presidents of Cadereyta, Ciudad Madero, Minatitlán, Salamanca and Salina Cruz, in order to reinforce the capacities of their fire departments and improve the integral management of fire risks, emergency response and rescue in the municipalities where the country's refineries are in operation.

He affirmed that this delivery is evidence that things are going well, because of the works, programs, projects, commitments (both fulfilled and to be fulfilled) that are being supported by an unprecedented administration in Mexico. In tune with the vision of the federal government, things are going very well at PEMEX, even though it received an institution with many shortcomings and problems, as well as a considerable reduction in oil production that had not been upgraded in 15 years.

Octavio Romero added that, at the beginning of the administration, the country's six refineries were producing 500,000 barrels per day, but in three and a half years the outlook has changed and now the refining process produces 800,000 barrels. Since 2019 the company has managed to reverse the declining trend in crude oil production and has started yielding results; production went from 1,620,000 barrels to 1,760,000 barrels per day and will continue to rise, as more oil wells enter the productive stage.

He said that the plan is to conclude this administration with a production of two million barrels per day and with the country’s oil reserves restored. Every year the reserves are replenished and increased with the amounts extracted during the fiscal year. Thanks to exploratory work, many new fields have been discovered, especially the Ixachi and Quesqui fields and the Francisco J. Mújica complex, which will bring the country wealth for many years to come.

Romero Oropeza added that, in line with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s initiative, during the COVID-19 pandemic, PEMEX's sales fell by 688 billion pesos, equivalent to two and a half times the budget of Mexico City (CDMX) or the State of Mexico, but the company did not stop operations for a single day, thanks to its workers.

He added that, thanks to the pledge of the President of Mexico to keep fuel prices below inflation levels, the impact on our nation's economy is lower than that of the United States and Europe, which was achieved with the support of Petróleos Mexicanos, a government asset that, when used wisely, generates great benefits for the less fortunate.

The PEMEX CEO pointed out that the delivery of the firefighting equipment is not a gift, as it is part of the company's social commitment and responsibility, especially in those municipalities where it has relevant operations.

Attached is informatio​n o​n​ the donated vehicles and equipment.

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