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PEMEX CEO presents a donation that will benefit the population of the state of Hidalgo

26/08/2023 | 31

  • 27 vehicles with a total value equivalent to 58.3 million pesos
  • Romero Oropeza pointed out that, under the current administration, 790 million pesos have been authorized for this state

The CEO of Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX), Mr. Octavio Romero Oropeza, delivered 24 vehicles to the governor of Hidalgo, Mr. Julio Menchaca Salazar, while three additional units were delivered to the mayors of Atitalaquia and Tepeji del Río for the benefit of the state's population, as part of the institution's commitment and social responsibility with the communities in which it carries out its operations.

Romero Oropeza noted that during the more than four and a half years of the current administration, 790 million pesos have been authorized for the support of this state, which have been used for different social responsibility actions aimed at benefiting the people of Hidalgo. He pointed out that, to date, the state has received over 12,000 tons of asphalt and almost 7.5 million liters of fuel, which add up to a combined total of 329 million pesos.

"What we are handing over today is a contribution, a repayment made to the states where PEMEX carries out the most intense operations, and in some manner, it is a way of returning the favors received, a compensation for the inconveniences that oil production often generates. It is an obligation we have with the state of Hidalgo," said Octavio Romero.

In addition to the above, Petróleos Mexicanos also authorized 84 programs, projects, and initiatives, with an overall value of 461 million pesos, of which 44 initiatives, amounting to 178 million pesos, have already been implemented. These figures are complemented by the donation that Octavio Romero made today, which amounts to 58 million pesos, as well as 16 projects currently in progress, which add up to 120 million pesos. And lastly, 16 further initiatives, with a value of 105 million pesos, are to be implemented in the near future.

Of the social assistance programs that PEMEX has implemented in the state, the CEO highlighted the service provided by the two Mobile Medical Units, which allow PEMEX to bring free medical and dental care and 115 patent medications to the heart of the state's communities, so that patients can receive a complete medical treatment without having to spend a single peso. He assured that, in the case of the state of Hidalgo, this program has already reached more than 60,000 people in 45 municipalities, with an investment of 40.3 million pesos.

He also underscored that 25 specialized vehicles have already been supplied to strengthen the response capacity of the municipalities and the state government: 17 patrol cars, two Vactor-type suction units, one garbage truck, one fire truck, and four ambulances, with an overall cost of 39 million pesos.

In closing, Romero Oropeza mentioned that day-to-day operations require the approval and support of those who live in those areas where PEMEX carries out its operations, which is why we seek to foster relationships of mutual understanding and collaboration, because social responsibility actions are neither an act of kindness, nor do they represent a gift, nor are they a favor. He emphasized that this show of support is an act of justice towards those who live in the areas where the institution carries out its operational activities.
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