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Procedure for set-up and participation in SISCEP


The SISCEP is the PEMEX's Electronic Procurement System, which purpose is to help increase the transparency, certainty, competence and efficiency of procurement activities in Pemex through an integrated standardized process.
The system supports the electronic procurement procedures and electronic procurement events as an integrated solution, under the applicable Pemex procurement Laws.


​1. Register as a provider

Anyone interested in participating in electronic procurement events with Pemex, must register in the Supplier Registration section, on the Pemex's portal
To access this section please click here           
Once the registration process is completed, the interested will get a six-digit ID, wich will be his/her identifier in the registration platform of the Integral Provider Information Tool (HIIP, for its Spanish acronym), and a certificate from the community that will certify him as a registered provider.
The main information from said registration will be inputted into Pemex's Electronic Procurement System (SISCEP) as the profile information of the company,


2. Request your user account in SISCEP

Create a user account and its password, which consists of a contact name and an email address used to interact in the different procurement procedures or other events done through SISCEP. To create a user account access the Users section of the Company Contact for electronic events in SISCEP, located in the suppliers menu.
To access this section please click here.

3. Express your interest to participate

For each procurement procedure, the interested must send his/her expression of interest; Pemex, in response, will send an email the designated contact user with the link to participate in the event of interest.


4. Participate

The electronic events in SISCEP are configured according to their scope. Currently, there are two ways that allow Pemex and its suppliers to interect in the system and exchange information:

  • Request for information or RFI - Used as a vehicle to request market information, to inform of the results of the events of the procurement process, to receive questions related to de Bid guidelines and to obtain any clarifications requested by Pemex.

  • Request for Proposal or RFP - Used as a vehicle for the submission of legal, economic and technical proposals.


These events are setup with the conditions of the event, such as the start and end of date and time, accordance with the planned schedule.

Once you are visible to Pemex buyers, you may receive an email with the link to access different business opportunities in the system through this kind of events.

Consult the Frequently Asked Questions of the Suppliers section.

For more details on published procurement procedures, click here.

To review the publications of open and restricted tenders, click here:

Open tender, click here.

Restricted tender, click here.


​Request for online training

The training courses provided by PEMEX for the use
of SISCEP are free.
Request your online training here




SISCEP Help Desk 

Mexico City: +52 (55)1944 2500. Ext. 49119
Rest of Mexico: 01 800 2282 5246 (3672)
Assistance hours 9:00 to 18:00


Pemex Contact for questions regarding the registration of suppliers 

Mexico City: +52 (55)1944 2500. Ext. 49119
Rest of Mexico: 01 800 2282 5246
Assistance hours 9:00 to 18:00
United States
Tel: + 1 713 430 3265 and 3175
Assistance hours 9:00 to 18:00
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