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Preparatory Agreements


Legal instrument designed to satisfy recurring needs for goods and services contracted with suppliers with exclusive commercial or proprietary rights.
Petróleos Mexicanos* manages these Preparatory Agreements to secure better purchasing conditions. These preparatory agreements are executed through specific contracts (each contract involves a commitment of budgetary resources).
* The Procurement Deputy Direction manages and handles the Preparatory Agreements.


  • The supplier with whom the agreement is formalized has commercial exclusivity, ownership or exclusive licensing of patents or copyrights. Subject to the legal opinion of the Petróleos Mexicanos Legal Department.
  • Previously agreed prices, times and delivery conditions (through the creation of the dynamic Catalog, which can be modified).
  • It does not commit a budget, since it only contains the supplier's unilateral assurance.
  • Discounts are agreed at list price or based on order volume, or both.
  • It streamlines and simplifies the specific contracting process, because the area managing the project, or the area in charge of the process, or the area concerned, will not need to:
  • Resort to new pricing research.
  • Conduct a pricing analysis to complete its market research or study.
  • Obtain the supplier's technical/financial proposal.
  • Obtain documentation supporting the commercial exclusivity or exclusive rights of the supplier, as well as the corresponding opinion of the Legal Department. 

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