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Reference Agreements

​These are legal instruments through which Petróleos Mexicanos establishes the technical and commercial conditions under which, where applicable, suppliers may, through an award process, supply the procurement recipients with goods and/or services that can be standardized and contracted on a recurring basis.

They contribute to the better achievement of Pemex's goals and objectives by reducing the administrative burden on the operating areas in their procurement requirements, which are addressed in an expedited manner.

They are identified as ACREF.
ACREF Charac​teristics / Attributes
  • It is entered into with two or more suppliers.
  • It specifies pre-established terms and conditions.
  • It consists of a unilateral promise on the suppliers' part.
  • It applies to all goods, leases and services that can be standardized.
  • It is exercised through specific contracts, awarded as a result of an adjudication process.
  • It does not involve a budgetary commitment.
  • It streamlines the contracting process.
  • It includes dynamic catalogs.
  • It also includes integration processes for new potential suppliers throughout its duration.

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