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Supplier relationships

The Relationship with Suppliers and Contractors (RPC) is a new rout to conduct the way Petróleos Mexicanos interacts with the industry.

The RPC is a set of necessary actions and mechanisms to create competitive advantages for Petróleos Mexicanos, through the collaboration with key suppliers, creating goods’ value or additional service to the one contractually established to satisfy an operational need.
The Relationship with Suppliers and Contractors (RPC) seeks to create competitive advantages for Pemex.
The RPC aims to perform actions beyond the established limits by the contractual relationship Pemex-Company, seeking continual improvement in the interests of elements such as quality, innovation, delivery time, and logistics, among others; and consistently exceed the established conditions of the contract and even in the applicable regulations to distinguish itself in a competitive market.

This implies a bidirectional vision that empowers the identification of improvement opportunities of both parties (Pemex-Company) through permanent dialog and collaboration.

The RPC is based on a different treatment from supplier to supplier, which although comes from robust criteria and standards, it must be done individually and even personally.

The RPC does not intend to get a better cost or compliance with certain specifications, but does try to outweigh those expectations with the improvement opportunities that in each case the commercial relationship between Pemex and the Company make them possible.

Relations with Suppliers and Contractors are based on five pillars, keeping its basic features:
  1. Link between supply and demand
  2. Relationship model of participants in the supply chain
  3. Integral management of the supply chain
  4. Processes, technology and personnel to support the operations, and
  5. Business management​ 


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