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Pemex PASS

​PASS is defined as the Point of Access to Supply System and refers to the point of contact and assistance to suppliers, contractors and user areas of Pemex.
It is the means by which assistance is provided to the companies who approach Pemex, channeling offers to user areas, obtaining an understanding of the market.


Create value through the collaboration with suppliers and contractors, becoming a specialized channel linking supply with demand. 

a. Assistance to Suppliers and Contractors


Through an assistance model, implement a mechanism that serves suppliers in every stage of their interaction with Pemex.

b. User assistance


To link the needs of user areas of Pemex with opportunities identified in the market starting from elements such as: assistance to suppliers and contractors, categories, market research and other initiatives of the DCPA. Additionally, suggest procurement alternatives to the user area through a contracting model that maximizes the value of the resources available for the benefit of the organization in a competitive market context.
Through the assistance model, we cover the objective of implementing a mechanism that directs the user requirements to suppliers who offer the best complete procurement solutions and that serves suppliers in every stage of their interaction with Pemex.


Phone in Mexico City 52+ (55) 1944 2500 Ext. 49119

Supplier’s assistance mechanism through Pemex PASS
Assistance hours 9:00 to 18:00
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