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Supplier Day

The Supplier Day is an international practice that many companies implement in order to enhance the relationship with their suppliers.
As a result of the need and convenience to generate a space of collaboration between Petroleos Mexicanos and their suppliers, from 2017 Pemex implemented "The Supplier Day", an initiative that seeks a closer relationship with the industry.

Supplier Day in Pemex

This initiative, whose first edition was held in Mexico City, has a flexible format that facilitates the communication and connecting Pemex with its suppliers.
Pemex wants to hold regional events in the oil zones with the aim of increasing the relationship with local suppliers, to:

  • Strengthen the relationship with suppliers
  • Maintain direct channels of communication
  • Effectuate monitoring, evaluation and feedback actions
  • Award to our best suppliers
  • Support client satisfaction as a strategic business axis
  • That Pemex be recognized as a company that promotes corporate social responsibility


Strengthen Pemex's relationships with its suppliers and:

  • Inform about the procurement and supply process
  • Inform about the strategic projects of Pemex
  • Create networking opportunities with end user areas

Next Events

  • ​Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche (MEX), April 2017

Past events documents
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