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Registration and evaluation of suppliers and contractors

​In Pemex, we focus on the suppliers and contractors that fulfill the price, quality and delivery date standards. The global procurement strategy includes a commitment to the growth and development of the supply and provision chain, which ensures that we have the appropriate product and supplier, at the appropriate time and price.
The registration and evaluation of suppliers and contractors is essential to ensure a procurement chain that is reliable, transparent and efficient, and that will allow the purchasing areas of Pemex to have more accurate and updated information of suppliers and contractors as well as their capacity to meet the requirements of the business areas of Pemex. In this sense, the registration and evaluation of suppliers and contractors uses a standardized methodology of commercial qualification and financial risk, to facilitate decision making and mitigate potential risks in the procurement chain.
The registration and evaluation of suppliers will allow agile information and documentation gathering of suppliers and contractors. For the review, evaluation and update of information, Pemex has contracted Achilles' services, which will act as an independent third party, ensuring the management of the provided data and documents, in compliance with the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Individuals.


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