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The global energy matrix keeps the oil as the main source of energy for at least the next 30 years.  In addition, the demand available forecasts show a trend towards increased consumption of fossil fuels, particularly in emerging economies. In this reality, we must add the fact of decreased availability of natural resources, the impact on physical ecosystems such as soils or sea, the persistence of social inequality and a more informed and demanding society.

Therefore, it is urgent to move towards a development scheme capable of supporting economic growth and demand for goods and services in an equitable, inclusive manner and not to exert greater pressure on available resources.  This is the greatest challenge of our time.

In this context, oil and gas companies have a great responsibility with a clean and responsible operation and an offer of less polluting fuels. Hence the importance that all industry players speak a common language around sustainability, we make sustainability an integral part of our business strategy.

The world faces the unavoidable challenge of balancing the need for a strong economic growth with a balanced and inclusive social development and environmental protection.  To the extent that we can understand and address the complexities of the interrelationship between social, environmental and economic aspects, we will be promoting a better business environment.

In Pemex, we understand the social responsibility and sustainability as the best way to meet the challenges of economic, social and environmental industry generating value, inclusive social development and lower impact of our environmental operations.

This involves the challenge of permanently strengthen the capacities of our staff; to strength the mechanisms for communication and consultation of the communities near our operations; to develop effective and independent dispute resolution mechanisms; to ensure that our planning processes incorporate social and environmental externalities associated with them; to identify and map the non-technical risks associated with our operation in order to anticipate and manage them more effectively; and, in general, to consolidate a clean operation that generates real and tangible benefits for them.

Pemex is an ally and a reliable and attractive partner for its expertise and knowledge of the geological potential, the sustainable operation and market hydrocarbons in Mexico.

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