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The oil and gas companies have a significant impact on the social dynamics of the communities in which they operate.  We know that in Petróleos Mexicanos, therefore, we urge building a strong and a mutually beneficial relationship with social groups with whom we interact every day.

This involves carrying out efforts in order to the benefit from the exploitation of hydrocarbons reaches the communities in which we operate, thus building an environment conducive to the development of our business environment while to contribute to raising the standard of living of the population in oil regions.

To achieve this, the company has various mechanisms among which are:

  • Mutual Benefit Works that have a direct impact on the availability of basic infrastructure.
  • Support Program for Community and Environment that allows us to combine the efforts of Pemex and its suppliers and contractors to carry out social welfare projects.
  • A social investment scheme that allows us to support productive projects, actions to improve health services and education and, in general, meet the social demand for oil communities.

In order to directly serve communities, it has four Regional Offices:

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