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Social Investment

The information presented below is only available in Spanish version, because the gifts and donations are directed to areas located in the Mexican oil communities.

Petróleos Mexicanos has strategies and institutional mechanisms to strengthen the social and environmental sustainability in areas where it operates; allowing operations of the company are held in conditions of stability and continuity.
The specific instruments to promote sustainable development in communities are: 
The social investment that seeks to maximize efforts in the communities where we operate

Directed donations to programs, work or social initiatives that improve the quality of life of communities and encourage conservation, reforestation and rehabilitation of the country's ecosystems

Donations to local government for the development of basic social infrastructure and the promotion of social development actions

The items to which the company allocates donations are strengthening the infrastructure, promoting production, education and culture, health and social care, construction and improvement of housing, utilities, environmental protection, recreation and sport.

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