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Granting process


Legal entities located in priority areas for the oil industry:
  • States and municipalities.
  • Civil society organizations are legally constituted as nonprofit corporations, and their social goal is to have education culture, health, scientific research, application of new technologies or charity.
  • Farming communities, agricultural, suburbs and fishing cooperatives.


For a donation or grant, you must submit a request in free writing, which shall contain at least the following:
  • It shall be addressed to Pemex General Director
  • Indicating what support is required, either cash donation or donation in kind(asphalt, fuel or movable and immovable property not useful of Pemex)
  • Referring the use we intended to give to the requested support.


For a petition to be met favorably, subject also to be counted with available budget, and if applicable, the existence of inventory and availability of petroleum product or movable and immovable property have been required.

Monitoring and checking authorizations

Pemex monitors and verifies the implementation of donations and grants, to ensure that they effectively contribute to social and sustainable development of the communities with the presence of the oil industry.
Grantees must submit quarterly reports to Pemex containing advances in the performance of assigned resources.
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