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We believe a responsible and sustainable business is one that, as part of its business strategy, addresses the legitimate interests of its various stakeholders and incorporated into the planning and development of their activities


​By the nature of our business and considering the close relationship we maintain with the environmental and social environment, we know we played a key role in promoting sustainable development in environmental protection and conservation of biodiversity.​

Mexico oil men understand sustainability as the rational and responsible use of natural resources to promote the development of the country and ensure continuity of operations achievement.  This concept is based on three main pillars:

  1. Economically, we ensure responsible planning and action to ensure business continuity to provide the country with the energy it needs for its development, increasing the value of the assets of the business and operating agile, transparent and with a high level innovation and results.
  2. In The social, maintaining and building transparent relationships, respect and mutual benefit with communities in places where takes place the oil industry, as well as the employees of the company and society as a whole.
  3. Environmentally, developing responsibly activities, taking into consideration the core values; safety, health and the protection and conservation of the environment.

We believe that sustainability is a good business. Therefore, we work every day to have a progressively cleaner, safer and more efficient operation.​

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