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Climate Actions

​Pemex has decided to take the lead on climate action in Mexico.  Thus, the Board of Directors approved the Climate Action Plan (CAP) 2013.  The CAP is an instrument of internal strategy that directs efforts, guide investments and evaluate the results on climate action.  It also fully complies with the General Law on Climate Change and aligned with the actions of the Law for Sustainable Use of Energy.

The CAP helps to reduce the carbon footprint of energy supply and vulnerability associated with their effects, while complying with the General Law on Climate Change (LGCC) and the Law for Sustainable Use of Energy.

The Climate Action Plan is the document that formalizes implements and monitors axes and lines of action on mitigation, adaptation and cross-cutting issues in relation to climate change, which responds to the strategic objectives defined in the Business Plan 2012 -2016.

The CAP is defined in the scope of the strategy 38 "strengthen the sustainability of the business" strategic objective ten refers to "Improve environmental performance, business sustainability and the relationship with communities" line of action “Corporate Responsibility "Business Plan.

In order to comply with that scope: "Reducing the carbon footprint of Pemex", the CAP is structured around three main axes: 1) mitigation, 2) adaptation and 3) cross-cutting themes which are supported by nine lines of action aimed to reducing the carbon footprint and adaptation to the effects generated by climate change.

Pemex The Board of Directors approved the plan after the Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development (CMADS) reviewed and incorporated modifications, which meets the strategic objectives of the Business Plan of Petróleos Mexicanos.

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