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Citizen Participation Group

​A pioneer in the hydrocarbon industry internationally exercise, the interaction with the GPC has been essential to incorporate the concerns of civil society in the daily work of Petróleos Mexicanos. Through open dialogue with renowned professionals in various disciplines and sectors, in recent years, the transparency and dissemination have been strengthened of relevant information to stakeholders. The Group has allowed that sustainability is a major element of the daily operations of the company and has strengthened Pemex as an open and transparent company that works to improve its performance in this area.

The company started this dialogue with the GPC, in the year 2007, highlighting the spirit of voluntary cooperation that both sides had to put alternatives or suggestions from civil society.  This practice had its beginning as part of the process of preparing the Sustainability Report of the company. This voluntary exercise in open dialogue has 7 years.

The GPC topics of interest of GPC are:

  • Climate change
  • Supplier and contractor
  • Co-operational efficiency
  • Corruption
  • Social impact on communities
  • Commitment to stakeholders
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