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Since 1999, in Petróleos Mexicanos we became pioneers in the industry when we began publishing our Safety, Health and Environment Report. In this report, we set down our convictions, which state that no material resource can possibly lead to sustainable development without a rational approach to its production, and therefore, no industrial development project of any kind can be allowed to be set in motion if it brings with it the risk of devastation.

To this day, the report has evolved gradually into the Sustainability Report we currently publish. Throughout this time and in each of its editions, the information contained in the report has always been verified by an independent third party, thus strengthening the transparency of the report and aligning the information it contains with international methodologies and guidelines, such as those of the Global Reporting Initiative and, more recently, those of the IPIECA, the global association of the oil and gas sector specializing in environmental and social matters.

Ever since the first publication, we believed in the importance of a sustainable operation and in being able to communicate the company’s performance in environmental, social, and financial matters to our interest groups; more than an obligation, it was a responsibility in line with the business. Today, we believe that in this new environment that is deeply marked by competition, environmental protection and the efficient use of our resources are not merely a legal mandate and an ethical imperative, but a factor of competitiveness that allows us to increase our savings and profits, to comply with the applicable law in a timely manner, and to participate in the conservation of the natural patrimony of all Mexicans. All this, while we build up and improve the reputation of the company.

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