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Sustainability Challenge

​​The Petróleos Mexicanos Business Plan  and its subsidiary entities 2017-2021 is the document that  defines the course to fulfill the mandate to create value and achieve operational and financial sustainability in the medium and long term.

The Plan is structured from four main lines of action. One of them, Corporate Social Responsibility, seeks to improve the relationship with various stakeholders and incorporate sustainable development in business decisions.

In Pemex, the profitability of operations proceeds in parallel with the aim of utilizing the resources of the nation in a sustainable way. This means using natural resources today without compromising in any way the welfare of future generations.

That is why all the strategic objectives of the Business Plan relate to lines of action that not only have to do with growth, operational efficiency and management modernization but also to corporate social responsibility.

The Social Responsibility is an element that strengthens the business strategy, as it provides direct benefits to the timely and efficient development of our projects and, therefore our business strategy.

Pemex is an integrated oil company that develops every link in the value chain of the industry, i.e. the exploration, production, industrial processing, logistics and marketing of their products.

Therefore, the company faces business challenges that relate to each of the links in this value chain.  To all our business challenge, sustainability challenges are corresponded in a way that we internalize our operations to comply with the mandate in order to provide the country with the energy needed for its development in a sustainable way.

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